It can be a tricky situation to judge if a candidate is suitable for the job offered in just 30-60 minutes but it is equally important as well. A wrong candidate can spoil the work culture,

team bonding, timeliness of task delivery etc etc. An interviewer has to be very keen with observations and ask relevant questions which can display the candidate’s desired qualities for the job.

Since, every person is different in itself, it can be very difficult to generalize someone but on a broader level we have tried to jot down few qualities which are a must for every candidate for any role. To effectively judge a candidate while conducting an interview you can refer to the below mentioned parameters.

Things to observe while interviewing a candidate:

  1. Communication skills: Since everything is a team effort, communication skills become very crucial when we speak about collaborative, team effort kind of work space.
  1. Technical knowledge: Even if there is always room for improvement, a certain level of technical knowledge is a necessary depending upon the seniority of the role.
  1. Honesty: A dishonest person can spoil the work culture and environment that the team has built over the years. Please be careful while hiring
  1. Zeal to learn: No one knows everything, so its fine to not know something, But the passion to learn and upskill is very important for growth of both the employee and the organization.
  1. Professionalism: This denotes how reliable and dedicated a person could be towards the job and the organization. It shows how dependable the candidate could be.
  1. Thought process: Thinking in a positive and constructive way, gives away a good vibe which can empower the team whereas a negative thinker can spoil the team culture.
  1. Ownership: It is very important that the candidate feels responsible for the tasks being assigned to him/her. It builds good work culture, avoids delays and discrepancies.
  1. Leadership Qualities: When looking for a long-term candidate or senior level role, leadership skills are a must. Someone could be a very good manager but fail to be a leader.