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We pride in our exceptional service capability. We are fortunate to have to have worked with great people and thankful to our referees for sharing their thought about us.

  • Erika Duncan Profile Picture

    My consultant was great!....

    My consultant was great! He stayed in touch with me and regularly kept me updated on the status of everything. I found him very easy to talk to, he always asked me if I had any questions and never made me feel like anything was too silly to ask. My consultant also had a similar telecommunications background to me so it was very easy to share my experience with him as he understood what I was talking about because he had also worked in the same industry and for the same Telco as me previously so I found it much easier to open up to him without feeling like I had to "hold back" or tailor my Telecommunications conversation towards someone who isn't from a similar background. I recommend you give Appetency a go if your in the job market.

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    Erika Duncan
  • Latesh Garg Profile Picture

    Excellent Service....

    Appentency Services are very exceptional as they will work for you until you will get the right match.

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    Latesh Garg
  • Arthur Natsioulas Profile Picture

    I have been using Appetency for 12....

    I have been using Appetency for 12 months now. They have proven to be very resourceful in finding us the right candidates promptly. In addition to this they have been able to take on-board any feedback we have given them and refined the candidates they sent us. This is very rare compared to any other recruiter I have used who just bombard you with resumes of candidates that do not suite my criteria.

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    Arthur Natsioulas
  • Alexandra Small Profile Picture

    No reservations in recommending this employment agency....

    No reservations in recommending this agency to other employers. Was impressed with their response time and quality. Placed a candidate in a short amount of time.

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    Alexandra Small
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    Thank you Appetency, I couldn't ask for a better result....

    My experience with Appetency has been a joy. Initially I had a phone interview with Mike where his easy manner came across as he asked precise probing questions. I felt that he was listening and understood what I was looking for. What a breath of fresh air. Mike had an position he felt I would be a good candidate for and suggested we arrange a meeting to discuss it further. Upon meeting Mike and experiencing his professionalism first hand, it gave me the confidence to have him pursue the position on my behalf. The process did take a long time but Mike kept me informed as my application progressed. Mike has excellent followup skills. An offer was made, Mike represented me wonderfully and an agreement was made. I couldn't ask for a better result. It has been a pleasure to meet Mike and I will highly recommend Appetency. I wish them great success for the future

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    Steven Chavez

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  • Chris N Profile Picture

    Candidate Review....

    As a potential candidate for one of Appetency's clients, I was really impressed with the manner in which I was approached, communicated with, and kept up to date. It really felt like an open, honest two way engagement where Appetency were not only doing the right thing for their client, but also myself. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again, or recommend their services to others.

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    Chris N
  • Catherine Bilich Profile Picture

    Excellent service....

    Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment throughout the process

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    Catherine Bilich
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    Great approach!!....

    Great approach! Very transparent.

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    Komal Khare
  • arun r Profile Picture

    Appetency is a great recruitment agency....

    Appetency is a great recruitment agency I was referred by Mike and he provided me with proper job description which helped me to successfully complete the interview process

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    arun r

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