Identifying and hiring a talent is a challenging process however the first thing to be kept in mind is identify a candidate basis the job’s basic responsibility. Along with evaluating skills and experience it is very important to analyse if the candidate will be a good cultural fit.

Even the best and capable candidate can be a bad and disastrous hire if they are not culturally fit.

Every organization defines its culture in terms of various aspects like values, beliefs, expectations, processes etc. If you want a long-term engagement and the hired candidate to be a valuable asset, then it is very critical to consider cultural fit when hiring for the role.

“Top 5 things to keep in mind while analyzing whether the candidate will be culturally fit or not.”

  1. Understand the expectations– You need to probe and understand what kind of role the candidate wants to get into. For eg. If the company follows very old processes and the candidate is a forward thinker and likes to experiment new things then he might not be an ideal fit.
  1. Analyse if current culture attracts the candidate– Find out if the candidate wants to get into the highlighted cultural aspects of the organisation. If they are then they can easily sync into the process and with the team. If not then they will be alienated and disengaged and in turn it will result into low performance.
  1. Understand the driving force– Find out the driving factors for the candidate. It can be any thing like learning atmosphere, money, challenging role, diversity etc. If the company is more focused on upskilling and uplifting their employees in terms of their experience and knowledge and the candidate is focused more in terms of monetary growth, then the candidate would not be an ideal fit.
  1. Analyse the past companies of candidate– If the candidate posses all the skills that the role requires and seems a great fit but have worked in diverse companies like large or enterprise and you are hiring for an SMB then the candidate might not be an ideal fit. In this scenario he/she will not understand the working atmosphere and processes of the company as he/she has no experience working in similar sized organization. They will not be aware of and in turn will not be able to handle the challenges.
  1. Understand the attitude– It is very important to understand the candidate’s general attitude and attitude towards work. If you are hiring for an organization where majority of employees are highly experienced and the candidate inspite of having all the required skills is impatient and not humble then he/she might not be an ideal fit. Most likely they will lose interest and in turn might leave the job.


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