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Appetency Recruitment Services

We don’t bombard our clients with resumes. As we follow our unique duplex process we screen the candidates at our level in such a way
so that we present just few best candidates to our clients where 70% of our candidates move to second round.



We listen to you and work on what you need. We are proud of our achievements on matrix “number of candidates making to 2nd client interview / number of candidates presented”


We understand your requirements and for us our clients are always our top priority so we have a 48 hours response SLA for client communications.

We always keep you informed about the progress on your requirements and hence we have dedicated Client Success Manager available anytime.


In today’s competitive business environment, the impact of attrition on a business can be detrimental that include hiring expenses, training labor, lost sales and productivity.

Obviously, the revenue impact can be much higher. We provide 30 days recruitment guarantee.


  • For Managed Services SME Company we closed 2 out of these 4 positions for the client. Moreover, since we understood the clients requirements and needs well. We even referred a Junior Systems Engineer to client and the client hired that candidate. Thus, we didn’t even go beyond the stated requirements but we closed 3 out of 5 positions for the client.
  • For a division of Fortune 200 construction company we closed 5 out 6 positions for which we have referred just 10 candidates and out of which 5 were placed.
  • For Nasdaq listed Multi-million $ company after a through research about the client and their business and after interviewing many candidates for the role, we presented only 1 candidate for this role and the candidate was finally hired by the client.