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Our approach to quality services

Quality Assurance
We are NOT recruiters who specialize in your industry BUT professionals with years of industry experience who specialize in recruitment.

Our services ensure:

Our clients enhance the profits by getting the right fit candidates the first time

Our clients enhance the productivity by reducing the non-productive staff

Our clients enhance the efficiency by reviewing the output to the company Vis a vis the cost

Guarantee on your ROI

Permanent Recruitment

In today’s world, it is very important to have the right talent in your team. However, finding the right candidate for a permanent position, from reviewing resumes to identifying quality candidates, scheduling interviews and finally selecting one is time consuming and potentially costly.

We provide permanent recruitment workforce solutions with proven expertise in recruiting, assessing and qualifying candidates for permanent openings. Our unique duplex process helps us improve our recruitment practices and qualify and share only the best fit candidates to our clients. We have built an extensive talent pool to provide faster results. We effectively assess experience and the skills of the candidates so that we can provide a value add to your organization and for a long term.

Interested in how we work to get faster closure for permanent roles? Contact us and get started. Explore all permanent roles:

icon-job  Applications Manager

icon-job  Business Analyst

icon-job  Change Manager

icon-job  Chief Information Officer

icon-job  Chief IT Officer

icon-job  Database Development & Administration

icon-job  Datawarehouse Specialist

icon-job  Director of IT infrastructure

icon-job  General Manager, IT

icon-job  Helpdesk and Desktop Support

icon-job  Information Architect

icon-job  Information Security Analyst

icon-job  Infrastructure Design and Support

icon-job  Management Consultant

icon-job  Network Engineer

icon-job  Pre/Post Sales Consultant

icon-job  Program Director

icon-job  Project Manager

icon-job  Regional/Country IT Director

icon-job  Programmer and Developer

icon-job  Security Analyst

icon-job  Server/Systems Administrator

icon-job  Software Architect

icon-job  Solutions Architect

icon-job  Systems Analyst

icon-job  Technical Writer

icon-job  Testing Engineer

icon-job  Trainer

Contract Recruitment

Businesses today are dynamic, with talent and resource needs that are constantly changing. Our Contract staffing services facilitate coverage during peak workloads, staff for finite projects and cover short-term absences. Whether requirements are short-term or long-term, Appetency Recruitment Services has a proven record in placing candidates for temporary and contract roles across a broad range of areas, client industries, and skill-sets.

Interested in how our contract staffing services can help your business? Contact us and get started today.

Explore all contract roles:

icon-job  Applications Manager

icon-job  Business Analyst

icon-job  Change Manager

icon-job  Chief Information Officer

icon-job  Applications Manager

icon-job  Business Analyst

icon-job  Change Manager

icon-job  Chief Information Officer

Contract to Hire

Our contract-to-hire or temp –to –permanent services provides a period of evaluation to determine if a temporary or contract employee is a long-term fit from both a skill-set and personal perspective. The recruitment and selection process is managed by our team, saving organizations valuable time and resources. In turn, the individual can showcase his or her skills, cultural fit, and work ethic prior to a formal offer of employment.

Interested in how our Contract-to-Hire Services can help ensure that your next hire is the Perfect Fit! Contact us and get started today.

Executive and Niche Recruitment

We are not just recruiters recruiting in your industry in fact we are professionals with years of industry experience who specialize in recruitment. So we pride to possess in-depth and practical knowledge of the industry and the roles.

We do not just target candidates who are already on the market. We proactively identify professionals who are not actively seeking a new role, but fit a client’s requirements exactly. This approach ensures you get the most focused, highest quality candidates, not just those who happen to be looking.

Interested in how our Executive and Niche hiring services can help ensure you close the most difficult positions! Contact us and get started today. Explore all executive roles:

icon-job  Business Analysts

icon-job  Business Controller

icon-job  Business Development Manager/Director

icon-job  Business Strategy and M&A Manager/Director

icon-job  CFO/Finance Director

icon-job  Costing Supervisor

icon-job  Credit (Analyst/Manager)

icon-job  External Auditor

icon-job  Finance Manager

icon-job  Financial Accounting

icon-job  Financial Controller

icon-job  Financial Planning and Analyst Manager

icon-job  Financial/Business Analyst

icon-job  Internal Audit Manager/Director

icon-job  Internal Controls and Compliance Manager/Director

icon-job  Management Reporting

icon-job  Planning & Analysis Manager

icon-job  Risk and Fraud Manager/Director

icon-job  Strategy Director

icon-job  Tax Manager/Director

icon-job  Treasury Manager/Director

HR Consultancy Services

We believe in supporting our clients in majority of HR functions and not just recruiting for you. We focus on controlling time and cost per hire for our clients by presenting quality talent to them within very short time.

We also support our clients by providing workforce related guidance and organizing various corporate trainings for up-skilling their staff and for candidates helping them structure their resume and trainings for up skilling their individual skills.

Interested in knowing how can we support you? Contact us and get started today.

Employer Value Proposition

In current world, Its not just competitive salary and perks that attract top talent to a company. Potential candidates evaluate other factors aswell like location, smooth hiring process, and the employer brand and their ratings on social media.

We help in enhancing our clients brand image in many ways by not just following consistent and smooth hiring process but also clearly communicating culture, growth scale and other related benefits of working with our client thus building a good brand image. It improves the quality of candidates attracted, which goes a long way in building brand reputation for other prospective candidates.

Interested in knowing how we can help you enhance your brand image? Contact us and get started.

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