Our IT Products

Our IT Products

Appetency Consulting Pty Ltd, our parent company, has propriety products for Education and Recruitment Sector. Our IT division constantly customises these products for the customers and our in-house business development team works with the IT division to efficiently implement and coherently integrate these products with customers’ existing soft wares and processes.

Customisable web and mobile solutions

We offer a world-class, easy-to-use, and adaptable software carefully custom-made to suit your unique educational needs.

Branded, easy-to-use, mobile interface

Our mobile app is graphically-rich, colourful, intuitive, making it absolutely easy and engaging for both parents and teachers.

Safe and secure storage & transmission of data

We guarantee total privacy and complete security for all the information you share with us.

No technical burden

No additional burden on your IT deparment. We simply take care of everything and offer 24/7 technical support.

Real-time communication

Be it communicating within your organisation or with parents, our tools allow you to share information in real-time.


Our solutions start from as low as XX per day.