Majority of us have attended several interviews and while the interview is in progress, sometimes we wonder where to keep our hands, how to sit, do I need to look in the eye of the interviewer etc etc.,

All these questions mounting up as to what is the correct body language to maintain. Body language is also a very important aspect to take care of, which actually can make a difference while deciding one’s candidature.

Since actions speaks louder than words, a well maintain body language can convincingly convey a lot of crucial factors to the interviewer like your confidence level, your presence of mind, presentability, openness, reliability etc. without even speaking a word.

When we speak about body language and gestures, there are many things to take care of, so we tried to handpick few important ones. Below are few of the major pointers that one should definitely keep in mind while attending an interview physically.
  • Confidence: Walk up to your interviewer and greet him/her with confidence but in a calm and composed manner
  • Shake Hands: A firm hand shake with your interviewer always gives a good impression but it has rules. If the interviewer is of same gender, you can initiate the hand shake but if he/she is of opposite gender, etiquette says you must wait for the other person to initiate.
  • Sit up straight: Sitting up straight on your chair gives an immediate impression of reliability and confidence. Leaning a bit forward while listening to a question shows your curiosity and engagement. Avoid slouching at any moment.
  • Subtle hand gestures: Avoid hand gestures like tightening fists, waving hands etc., it shows your nervousness. Whereas, gestures like moving your fingers in sync with your speech, grasping palms, touching fingertips etc are good haptics and shows openness.
  • Eye contact: During the interview, looking down or somewhere else instead of the interviewer is often misinterpreted as a sign of weakness or lying. Looking into the interviewer’s eyes shows your confidence.
  • Avoid touching your face: You should refrain yourself from touching your face frequently. If it gets noticed one time, then every time you do, the interviewer notices it and slowly it becomes irritating. It also means dishonest and untrustworthy.
  • Carry a Smile: During the interview, smile whenever possible. It displays positivity and your comfort level with the interview. Smile shouldn’t be extreme, just a mild smile will do the job.
  • Be an active listener: Nod your head at intervals while you are listening. Also, leaning a bit forward while listening portrays you are curiously listening. This leaves a good impression.