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Managed Services SME Company

Situation: The client wanted to hire 2 service desk analyst and 2 system engineers. Few renounced IT recruitment firms were already working on the role. When we approached the client, the client was happy to share the requirements with us since he was facing difficulty in getting the right referrals from the recruitment firms.

Action taken by ARS team: Our Client Success Manager asked the right questions on the kind of candidate the client was looking for. We identified an attitude list that the client wanted in the new hire. We collaborated with client to identified the must have and good to have skills. We discussed their team structure and tried to identify as much details of the client requirement.

Based on the information we gathered on requirements, we identified and interviewed many candidates before referring the candidates to the clients.

Benefits achieved for the client: We closed 2 out of these 4 positions for the client. Moreover, since we understood the clients requirements and needs well. We even referred a Junior Systems Engineer to client and the client hired that candidate. Thus, we didn’t even go beyond the stated requirements but we closed 3 out of 5 positions for the client.

Managed Services SME
Nasdaq listed Multi-million $ company

Nasdaq Listed Multi-million $ Company

Situation: Our NASDAQ listed client was looking for a IT software sales consultant with solution sales experience in selling a very niche software product in audio / video content creation and related IT infrastructure such as cloud collaboration and distribution and storage solutions. Clients internal team and 2 agencies specializing in similar roles were already working on the role for sometime.

Action taken by ARS team: It was a really challenging role as this was a mixture of IT solution selling and with exposure and good contacts in the media industry. Thus we needed a candidate a good understanding of IT and media industry. We spend a lot of time researching about the company and their products. Again we identified an attitude list of the skills were we looking for in our candidate.

Benefits achieved for the client: After a thorough research about the client and their business and after interviewing many candidates for the role, we presented only 1 candidate for this role and the candidate was finally hired by the client.