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We are NOT recruiter who specialise in your industry BUT professionals with years of industry experience who specialise in recruitment.

Our services ensure:

  • Our clients enhance the profits by getting the right fit candidates the first time
  • Our clients enhance the productivity by reducing the non-productive staff
  • Our clients enhance the efficiency by reviewing the output to the company Visa a vis the cost
  • Guarantee on your ROI

Information Technology Recruitment Specialists

Appetency understands technology sector and our duplex recruitment method is designed to ensure quality recruits for your business.

Most of the projects in real world fail or are delayed mostly because of not having right resources. Our services are paramount in your project success as we help you find the right candidate the first time. It is investment that is more than worth than risking the outcome of the project because of selecting wrong candidates. We help you get the right programmers, testers, BAs, Project Managers, Which recruiter have you seen talk like this!

Analytics and Consulting Recruitment Specialists

Business strategy and data are getting more interlinked than ever before and some of our clients are success stories that reinforce our understanding about the industry. Whether it is about refining the company performance, target markets or business processes, analytics is providing a more comprehensive and precise understanding to optimise performance.

Banking Finance and Accounting Recruitment Specialists

Appetency invests in getting the right people for your business through our duplex recruitment process. It ensures that the individuals we refer to you have the calibre to get your books right, to keep every dollar accounted for! Whether you need someone to get the books right or complete that complex taxation to increase your wealth by making the right investment decisions, Appetency is your partner to look out for!!

Completed 360 HR Consulting

We can support you from - Completed Culture Auditing, People related Technology Solutions, Employer Branding, Employee Value Proposition, Corporate training and certification, Chief HR as a Service, HR function as a Service